Project Description

For each of our self-funded seminars we offer two free two-hour introductory lectures.

Free Lectures: Introduction to C ++, Object Oriented Programming with C ++, Introduction to Java, Object Oriented Programming with Java, OCAJP.

Prerequisites: Basic programming knowledge.

Duration : 4 hours per subject, 2 hours for the OCAJP introductory seminar.

Required equipment: Computer, internet connection, skype installed, microphone and headphones (not speakers).

Teaching methods:

On line: From home you attend the lesson live through an online teaching system that provides you with full opportunities to participate and intervene just as you would attend a seminar in face-to-face teaching. In addition, Asynchronous Education is used where the educational material and the exercises are uploaded while a special section which is provided for discussions and solving individual questions.

Lectures in the subjects:

  • Introduction to C++
  • Object Oriented Programming with C ++
  • Introduction to Java
  • Object Oriented Programming with


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Lefteris Moussiades
Associate Professor (Software Systems-Clustering Algorithms)
Computer and Informatics Engineering Department, TEI EMT
p: +30 2510 462346 m: +30 6973051580
a: Agios Loukas - 65404 - Kavala - Greece
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Register for Free Seminars

The hours and days of the lectures will be set upon the completion of the registrations after consultation with the interested individuals.