Project Description

Introduction to C++

The seminar is an Introduction to Programming with C ++. There is no prior knowledge of Programming required to attend the seminar.

Duration: 9 Weeks

Teaching methods:

On-line: From your home you are attending the lesson live through an on-line teaching system that gives you full opportunities for participation and intervention just as you would attend a seminar in face-to-face teaching.

For Living: Living classes may be set up according to the local seminar demand.

Asynchronous teaching: Using asynchronous teaching software, you will be provided with tutorial material and support for the programming tasks you will undertake in the course of the seminar.

Skype: Contact skype to provide personalized online help in programming tasks.

Machine Code, Assembly, High level languages, Source code, Interpreter, Compiler, Pre-Processor, Object Code, Linker, Executable.

ANSI standard, IDE (Integrated Development Environment), My first C++ programme (Hello.cpp).

Compile time errors, Compiler Errors, Include Command, Input Output stream, The Main Function, Main return value, C++ Standard Library.

Basic output with “cout” object, Namespace Specifier std, Output redirection operator “<<“, Strings, Formatting Character “\n”, More cout, New Line with “end line” command, The “/t” (tab) Character.

Expression evaluation, Integers Addition, Integers Division, Float and Double types conversion, The keyword “using”, Namespace “standard”, Comments, Comments in multiple lines.

Introduction to Functions, Variable, Identifier, RAM, Built-in Types, Integer & floating point types, Signed & Unsigned values, Short & Long Integers, Size of the variable types, Variable Definition – Initialization, Naming conventions.

Reserved Words, Aliases, Integer Overflow, ASCII code, Symbolic and Static Constants, Enumerated Constants, Commands, Statements, Expresions, Operators, Assignment Operators, Math Operators, Increment – Decrement Operators, Priority of Evaluation, Bool Type, “If” Statement, Logical Operators, Short circuit evaluation, Ternary conditional operator, Return Value, List of arguments, Formal and Actual arguments, Local variables, Global variables, Default parameters, Overloading Functions, Inline functions, Recursion.

Instruction pointer, code space, stack, What is a pointer(), Stack and Heap, New & Delete, Memory leak, Floating Pointers, Constant Pointers, What is a reference, Address Operator, Assign to Reference, Pass by Value, Pass by Reference, Return by value, Return by reference, What is a table?, Access to a table’s data, Access beyond table boundaries, Initialization, Declare tables with numbered formulas, Tables and Pointers, Numerical Pointers, Create and Delete tables with new & delete, Search and sort in a one-dimensional table, Text files.

300Duration 35 Weeks
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Lefteris Moussiades
Associate Professor (Software Systems-Clustering Algorithms)
Computer and Informatics Engineering Department, TEI EMT
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