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Introduction to Java

Introduction to Java (Closed Sections for Summer 2018)

Content: JVM, JRE, JDK, Primitive Data Types, Strings, Default Values, Literals, Program Structure, Arrays, Operators, Expressions, Statements, and Blocks, Introduction to Classes, Introduction to Interfaces.

Required equipment: Computer, internet connection, skype installed, microphone and headphones (no speakers).

Duration: 15 hours

Teaching Methods: On Line: From your home you are attending the lesson live through an on-line teaching system that gives you full participation and intervention capabilities just as you would attend a seminar in face-to-face teaching.


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Lefteris Moussiades
Associate Professor (Software Systems-Clustering Algorithms)
Computer and Informatics Engineering Department, TEI EMT
p: +30 2510 462346 m: +30 6973051580
a: Agios Loukas - 65404 - Kavala - Greece
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