Why Java?

We recommend that you become certified Java developers for the following reasons:

1. Java is the world’s most popular programming language.

2. There are too many jobs for good Java Developers both in Greece and abroad. Labor supply is below demand, that is, there are abundant jobs that are not covered. This situation is not expected to change in the near future, but rather will worsen. This relationship between purchase and demand ensures you have a well-earned job and other benefits such as continuing education, travel, career development, Potential employers include all the leading companies in the world, such as major shipping companies, research companies in the field of IT and also, besides, banking systems development companies, automakers, aircraft manufacturers,

3. If you are interested in a specialist field of modern technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, it is much easier to enter the Artificial Intelligence job as Java Developer than any other specialization, including Artificial Intelligence itself. This is due to the fact that there is a shortage of developers in all areas of modern technology and therefore competition is limited.

4. Java is the most comprehensive programming framework as it incorporates software libraries for virtually anything you may need. For example, database connectivity is done with standard java libraries, but still further, java has its own built-in database (Java DB). If you want to deploy Rich Internet Applications that are the applications of the future, then the javafx framework will surely be necessary to you. If you still want to program embedded systems, then the Java SE Embedded framework is definitely the best solution. Security, Internationalization, Custom Networking, Deployment, Regular Expressions, and so on, you’ll find everything embedded in the basic language framework.

5. Web applications. And here java is a leader with a number of relevant technologies such as Java Servlet API, JavaServer Pages Technology, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, JavaServer Faces Technology, Java Message Service API, JavaMail API and JavaBeans Activation Framework, Java API for XML Processing , m.

6. If you want to grow on Android, you of course know that Android’s natural language is java. Also, you will know that the mobile market is dominated by Android, e.g. in February 2016 market shares were as follows: Android 87.6%, iOs 11.7%, Windows Phone 0.4%, others 0.3%. Additionally, with Java for mobile devices, you can deploy for any type and / or mobile mobile device.

7. Speed. Java is the fastest integrated programming language. To understand this, it comes to think that it is considered up to 100 times faster than Python. The speed of Java, especially version 8 (there are not yet significant benchmarks for version 9), touches the speed of C / C ++. However, in order for this information to be properly evaluated, we should bear in mind that C includes only the core of the language. For a complete, modern application, many features are required that are not included in the kernel. So in the case of C / C ++, the developer resorts to third-party libraries, so comparison between java on one hand and C / C ++ along with third-party libraries on the other will give us completely different results.

8. Support. Java is backed by a giant company, Oracle. From this point of view, the aspiring Java Developer can have some degree of certainty that he ties his future with the choices of a large company that guarantees the continuous development of the language. On the other hand, Java for Android is backed by the colossal company, Google.

9. Backwards compatibility. Each version of java is compatible with all previous ones, ie Oracle guarantees that the code written with a previous version of java is compiled from each subsequent version. This is very important for companies doing software development by often investing millions. Imagine a new version of using the codes developed in the previous ones with the following devaluation of the investments involved. Although compatibility with previous versions seems to be necessary for each programming language, but not all languages ​​are followed. For example, Python supported by the nonprofit organization “Python Software Foundation” released (version 2.0) version 2.0 that is incompatible with version 2.0. Under these circumstances, a serious company will not trust a language that basically changes and becomes another language.

10. Java has been fully open source since 2007. Over the years, open-source libraries have been developed for almost anything imaginable. For example, if one wants to develop an OCR application, one can easily find a reliable OCR API. Corresponding libraries in C # cost a few thousand Euros while in C Objective (The native language Mac-OS & iOs) they cost several thousand.

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